The Perfect Camping Trip

Many of us are looking more favourably at the idea of a ‘staycation’ these days. During a time of widespread global change, it makes sense from both a financial and an eco-conscious standpoint to explore the area closer to where we live rather than venturing further afield. In fact, most people will never have experienced being a ‘tourist’ in their home region and it can be pleasantly surprising; there’s always a chance that you’ll discover something you never knew was there, right under your nose.

With this in mind, it’s clear why camping has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s affordable, it suits many different occasions and people, and it’s easily accessible from most places. Even if you live in a large city, the nearest campsite is probably only an hour away by car. Whether you have a lightweight hiking tent, a larger set-up complete with bedrooms, or even a camper van, there’s the right campsite out there ready and waiting for you. So, let’s take a look at the components that you’ll need for the most perfect camping trip imaginable.

Be Prepared

Do as the Scouts do and be prepared! If you already know that you’ve packed the right gear and are ready for common emergencies, then you can relax into your holiday. It does nobody any favours if you’re lugging round everything except the kitchen sink, but at the same time, if you’re staying somewhere remote then you need to ensure that you have the essentials with you. Depending on location, this could range from a decent tent, adequate bedding and a camping stove, to water purification tablets, emergency flares and antihistamine medication.

Getting prepared

Getting prepared

Make sure that you think about where you will get your food and water from before you set off. If you are wild camping and therefore not staying on a campsite with facilities, you need to consider where you will get clean drinking water from every day and whether you need to carry extra food with you too. It might not sound too appealing from your living room, but once you’re out there in the wilderness, you’ll be glad of your pre-packaged rations and bottles of tap water.

Choose Wisely

Part of being prepared is making informed choices about everything, from the type of sleeping bag you have, to who you’re sharing a tent with, to the location of your trip. You’ll also want to think about what time of year would be best for your holiday. It’s easy to think that the height of summer with those soaring temperatures, blue skies and lowered chances of rain would be perfect. However, it’s difficult to stay cool in the midday sun when you’re under canvas, and summer storms can result in a washout. Often springtime or late summer/early fall are better seasons for sleeping under the stars, as the weather tends to be less extreme and campsites can be quieter.

Speaking of campsites, you’ll want to check whether yours has a toilet block, showers and sinks, or whether it is just a basic site. If you’re relying on electric hook-up to power your home comforts, then you’ll need to make sure that you can get a pitch with that facility included too. Some luxury campsites even have on-site restaurants and stores, but be mindful that cheaper ones will probably just provide the bare necessities.

Stay Safe

Another aspect of preparing for your trip is making sure that you and your party can stay safe whilst you’re out there. If you’re trekking to somewhere really remote, then make sure you alert a trusted friend or family member about your intended destination and route. You could even take a satellite phone with you if you think it’s necessary, though the majority of popular camping sites will have phone signal or an internet connection now.

If you know that there is wildlife in the area, then make sure to read up on the risks they could present; even fairly peaceful animals like deer can get aggressive during breeding season, and non-lethal snakes, bugs and other animals can still cause a nasty reaction if encountered. It’s a wise idea to have a basic first aid kit with you, just in case.

Have Fun

Of course, the whole point of a camping holiday is to enjoy yourself and have fun. Waking up in nature provides endless opportunities for fun, from wildlife spotting, to hiking, to sunbathing, to forest bathing, and the list goes on… However, you might also encounter some inclement weather, and there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a tent with absolutely nothing to do. Packing a few rainy day activities means that you’re prepared for every eventuality; whether your favourite is testing your brain power with Lumosity, enjoying a few spins at Pokerstarscasino, or settling in to your latest Bookbub read, it’s all now available at the touch of a button on devices like smart phones and tablets.

Perfect camping holiday

Perfect camping holiday

Once the weather clears up, you can get out there are explore, taking in local landmarks, popular beauty spots and challenging climbs, dependent on how energised you’re feeling. A camping trip is the perfect thing to combat a slump caused by too much time spent sitting down indoors, so really make the most of your time and breathe in all that fresh air. Even if you can only manage a couple of days out in the wilds, you’ll feel all the better for it once you get back home. And you’ll never complain about your bed being too comfortable ever again!