Quick Answers for New Campers

When it comes to the joys of Camping, it is easy to know what to expect when you are a seasoned Camper. If you are not accustomed to that annual trip to the woods, it can seem like a blended collage of facts and images that can lead to several Frequently Asked Questions. Your mind wanders to movies and stories you have heard from your peers Camping experiences. If it was the beginning plot of either, it most likely had a series of events that makes you question the whole Camping theory.

Novice Campers are more common than they used to be. Inner city developments and hectic work weeks prevent many from crossing the expedition off their to do list. The reality of Camping is not the same as glamping. There may be a few surprises along the trail if you are a first time Camper. Knowing exactly what to expect will help you to better prepare for an unforgettable weekend.

Camping Questions and Answers

Modern amenities are one of the items you do not pack for a Camping trip. This gives a lot of room for Questions to develop. If you are not used to the details of an outdoor adventure, it can feel overwhelming at first. Here are some of the basics to put you at ease before you lace up your hiking boots.

Do most people mostly eat fish while Camping?

It is true that many load the poles and drift the water to enjoy a fresh catch for dinner. There is also ample amounts of campfire, grilled and canned foods to enjoy. Food safety includes the right utensils and cooking temperatures the same as at home.

Can you take showers or have access to restrooms?

The answer to this question depends on where you are camping. Many campsites offer facilities that have showers and restrooms for use. The campgrounds are generally larger in size and may require a lengthy walk. It is advised to bring your own toiletries and tissues. If you are not in a specific park, the method is au natural. Washing up in the river and using dry bathing items are popular choices.

How do you avoid insects from interrupting your trip?

It is certain that insects may be an unavoidable part of the experience, however you can reduce their presence. Sprays and citronella candles are made to keep them away from your day. Certain Bracelets or natural flowers and oils can also repel unwanted pests. Keeping airtight containers and your tent secure will help keep your Campsite free from insects.

Should I worry about wild animals?

Camping brings you out of the city and into the trees. It is the natural habitat for several animals that you may not be used to seeing in your yard. Every region has its own occupants. Keeping food and items undetected is a smart idea to keeping nosy neighbors from poking around. Knowing the terrain will help you choose a spot that is less populated.


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