Perfect Foods to Pack for the Great Outdoors

When heading out into the wilderness it’s not always easy to know everything you’ll need to pack in order to be prepared for however long you may be camping. Naturally there are so many thing’s you’ll need to think about but one of the most important of those things is what you’ll be eating. After all it’s not like you can just take your kitchen with you. Here are a few great foods that are ideal for both packing space and enjoying whilst out there.


A loaf of bread will take up plenty of room in the bags, not to mention how squashed it’ll be by the time you reach the thing. Instead think about taking flatbreads, these are far sturdier and stack neatly so won’t need to worry about them hogging space. They’re also versatile things, you can fill them with whatever you desire, spread hummus on them or even turn them into a pizza with a bit of tomato puree and grated cheese.


Dried pasta is a great addition and a staple favourite in camping communities all over. If you’re looking to save on space spaghetti is a great option thanks to its uniform slenderness. Once again, it’s versatile and can be cooked with all sorts of ingredients you might have brought along with you, greens, mushrooms, cheese, tomato or even dried meats, not a problem for old faithful over here. What’s better is you can cook a whole batch up and even have some cold on later or on the go.


Any tinned fish can be a great addition to one’s camp kitchen, but sardines are especially good, the meaty fillets can be satisfying for breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper. They come in a variety of sauces and styles so you can mix up your flavours to your choosing. Why not fill your pittas with a few? Or serve them up with your pasta? They also last so you won’t need to worry about eating them all within the first few days.

Tinned Fruits

Desserts on the camp site aren’t always as achievable as we might hope. Tinned fruit is great for a sweet treat, simply add some sugar cream or melt up some chocolate and drizzle it over, that’ll certainly keep you warm at night. Why not take a range of different fruits? That way you can keep mixing up your desserts throughout your time out there.

Ready to go Meals

Sometimes one of the best ways to have great meals in the wilderness is to simply prepare a few before you leave. Why not cook up a few of your favourite meals, separate them out into a few Tupperware containers and simply reheat the contents once you arrive? Chilli and curry are two excellent saucy options. Or simply prepare a few salads, that way you won’t even need to cook, simply open the container and away you go. Of course, with certain foods you’ll want to make sure they’ve remained at the correct temperature, food poisoning is no joke and food poisoning whilst camping even less so.


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