Packing Ideas for a Camping Trip

Packing for a weekend in the wild is a lot different than filling your Louis Vuitton with scented lotions and beach towels. Going camping gives you a chance to commune with nature and enjoy the picturesque beauty the outdoors have to offer. A quiet moment in time under the stars with the sounds of a crackling fire will beat out a pool side retreat in our book.

The most important aspect of a camping trip is preparation. Packing the essentials is just the tip of the pop-up tent. Once you decide if you are using a camper or a tent, this will set the foundation for the basics. Food, water and sleeping bags are usually at the top of the list. Clothes for hiking and activities along with boots or shoes to match are easily remembered. Fire starters, maps and lanterns are also common.  That should be it, right? In the words of Paul Auster, “ the truth of the story lies in the details”.

The Packing Details

Utensils- Cooking and eating utensils are often forgotten. Keeping a bag with a dining kit complete with wet naps is your safest bet.

Trash Receptacle– When thinking of spending time outdoors, garbage and waste generally do not come to mind. Bringing bags or a receptacle is both better for the environment and helps you to avoid a trail for animals to follow.

Cleaning Supplies– Yes, you read that right. Cleaning supplies will be your saving grace while sitting fireside. Soap chips for washing hands and a small tub for dishes are mandatory for a weekend trip. If you are crafty, use these DIY Camping Tips to make your own camping accessories to bring along.

Bug spray and UV Blockers– You can often find these items made together for convenience. Citronella candles will also help keep your area pest free. Try unscented versions of personal items and sprays to avoid unwanted attention.

First Aid– You will want a kit that includes the soup to nuts essentials. This will ensure you are prepared for any mishaps you may encounter. If you have allergies or asthma, plan accordingly for potential reactions.

The Unexpected– When you are away from the convenience of resources, it is smart to expect the unexpected. This includes a spare tire in your trunk, extra shoe laces and even batteries for a flashlight. It is advised to keep spare cash or a credit card in a secured spot in the event your wallet falls while hiking. Blankets for unforecasted chills and extra clothing should also be added to your packing itinerary.

Packing it up

Taking a weekend or longer in the great outdoors will leave you refreshed. The open air accompanied by delightful moments will be an inspiring experience. Being prepared in advance will keep you safe and give you peace of mind. In effort to stay ahead of the camping trail, make a list of items needed to ensure nothing gets left behind. The weekend may only last two days, however the memories you create will last a lifetime.


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