Fun Things to Do While You’re Camping

A traditional camping activity is sitting under the night sky with a smores ready campfire. While that is a favorite way to end the day, it also leads to the question, how did the day begin? The activities that fill our camping trip will bring us from sun up to sun down.

There are so many things to do and so little time while adventuring on your camping trip. The sky is the proverbial limit when creating your itinerary. Campgrounds will generally have a roster of events to enjoy from live bands to group activities. If you decide to camp rugged style, there are a plethora of things along the trail you can plan.

Camping Activities


Finding trails to roam are a fun way to spend the day. Hiking is exhilarating with beautiful sceneries and awaited discoveries. It is suggested you have a map of the area to avoid getting lost or being caught unprepared after the sun goes down. A sturdy back pack with water and other essentials are a must have for longer hikes.

Canoeing or Kayaking

Get your oars and paddles ready for an adventurous turn down the river.  Knowing your path and having a destination will make the experience a new favorite. Make stops along the way for some site seeing and tree lined discoveries to maximize the moment. If you are unsure which you should opt for , here is some great Canoe and Kayak information and tips to help you decide.


Many people enjoy fishing for the quiet and peaceful surroundings. Cooking the fish you catch can be satisfying and is a camping trademark. It is smart to have coolers and utensils to keep the fish at the proper temperatures if you are saving them for an evening meal.


You can build a fire at any time of the day; however, the nostalgia will be refreshing under the night sky. Campfire traditions include singing songs, telling stories and of course… smores. It is a time to enjoy great conversations while creating memories under the stars.


Bringing a deck of cards, trivia or a festive game of charades will keep the momentum going until it is time to turn in for the night. It is also enjoyable for friends and family of all ages. Have a notepad and a couple of pens handy and let the games begin!

A Final Note

Camping is more than pitching a tent. It is a tradition that brings us out of the everyday and renews our senses. You will feel inspired by the fresh air and rejuvenated when you are surrounded by nature. Planning ahead with a checklist will help you to be prepared and enjoy a fuss free weekend. You can make your own to do list or print these  Checklist Ideas for some quick ideas. Families and friends alike will cherish the memorable moments. Whether you go camping annually or several times in a year, you will look forward to each day you spend in the great outdoors.


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