Foods to Go Camping With

Camping is full of adventurous plans that will keep you busy on your trip. From hiking to singing songs around the fire, you will truly be a happy camper. That is, until you realize the growling sounds you hear are not from the woods. As our activity levels rise, so does our hunger. Without the convenience of a drive thru, it may be difficult to tame your hunger pains if you didn’t pack the right foods. Often times we are tempted to bring easy to grab snacks and small treats to eat over the weekend. We figure we’ll be on the trails or floating down the river in our favorite canoe. Healthy noshes are perfect for moments on the go. Once the day settles down, your body might be looking for something a little more satisfying.

Cooler and Canned Foods

Bringing a cooler that can last for the trip is a smart investment. This will keep foods at the proper temperature and provide additional options to your menu plan. You can store the days catches alongside the camping staples you may have brought. Campfire foods and simple sandwiches are deliciously appropriate for a trip away from home. Hot dogs and deli meats or cheeses are simple and stand as a fan favorite. Canned foods are convenient to make and have an array of tastes. Meats, beans and stews are popular bring along items. Whether it’s the main dish or a side, you will have plenty for seconds.

Healthy Snacks and Beverages

Getting plenty of protein and nutrients will help you feel great for the whole trip. Your energy levels will be on the rise to accommodate the busy agenda ahead of you. Healthy snacks will give your afternoon the boost that it needs. Protein snacks, Assorted nuts and fruits or vegetables will keep the momentum throughout the day. Sugary snacks can lead to a tired or sluggish feeling that won’t make it up the hiking trail. Avoid the crash and eat healthy during your day. A high amount of sugars are also found in beverages across the board. Plenty of water is recommended to stay hydrated while you are out in the sun. Drinks with electrolytes and juice varieties are a good way  to replenish at the end of the day.

Cooking in or over a campfire is quick and simple. You will want to add the supplies to your food list in advance. Having nothing to eat but canned foods without a can opener will turn you into MacGyver with a pocket knife and a bobby pin. It is much easier (and less dangerous) to plan ahead and bring utensils, pans and containers as needed. There are many who also opt to pack up a table top charcoal grill for meats, vegetables and potatoes. No matter what you choose, your campsite will be a hunger free zone with an abundance of nutritious foods that will keep you energized for all of your camping activities.