Five Green Ways to Go Camping

Camping is a great opportunity to commune with nature. The lush green scenes and fresh surroundings would make one think it is an eco-friendly way to spend the day. Without the usual amenities, sleeping in a tent outside does have a green ring to it. The truth is, unless you are practicing being the survivor on History channels Alone, you most likely will bring some modern amenities to the camp site.

The items of today can also be harmful to the environment if not used properly. In the words of Isaac Newton “ what goes up must come down”. Everything we do leaves an imprint on the world around us. The following guide will show you five simple and easy steps you can take to minimize the effects on Mother Nature while you are camping.

Green Camping

Eco Eating

Cooking over the fire is one of the many perks of camping. Before you reach for the paper plates, try using reusable cups, plates and cutlery. This will keep the trash to a minimum while taking a positive step towards a greener way to dine.

Trail Tracking

Staying on course and following the same paths will eliminate the damage caused by heavy traffic. You can use a map or GPS to track where you are and where you have been. This will help you  keep the pace in your Green Camping endeavors.

Take Out the Trash

Using reusable and biodegradable bins and containers will keep your camp site a clutter free area. Leftovers and food waste can also be used as fertilizer in your garden at home. These bins can be used for washing dishes, storing laundry and ensure the trash from our weekend is properly disposed of or recycled.

Sunny Days

Solar capabilities have made its way into small gear and accessories. You can replace some of your essentials with ones that use solar energy. Flashlights, lanterns and chargers are just the beginning. You can also find radios and communication devices that run off of the suns energy reducing the need for power and batteries.

Water Friendly

When we plan for a trip, it is common practice to grab large cases of water and other beverages. Trade your pallet of water in for reusable bottles and gallons or containers to fill them up. You can keep them cold with ice bricks or packs and insulated coolers.

A Green View

Taking steps to a better tomorrow will start with the green path we take today. Environmental impacts leave an imprint on our surroundings. Camping with an eco-conscious plan reduces the effects we may have during our trip. Applying a greener way of living both at home and on the road will make it easier to plan ahead. There are many ways to lead a greener lifestyle. These ecofriendly tips are great to use anywhere your day takes you.

Camping brings us to the wonders that nature have to offer. Breathe in the wooded scents and relax to the quiet sounds of the stars above you.


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