Different Ways You to Go Camping

It was once believed the only way to go camping was with a sleeping bag, back pack and your wits to get you through. This is still an option, however camping trends have become more inclusive of differing  personalities. The idea behind camping is to get out there and enjoy the natural surroundings. Fresh air meets an open sky view for a peaceful setting. There are plenty of nature themed pursuits and interests that will occupy your time throughout your trip. Camping is an opportunity to take a holiday from the busyness of our everyday life.

Knowing why you want to go camping and what you will do while you’re there does not answer the question of… Which style of camping is best for you?

Now that the camping doors have opened, it gives us a chance to explore all of our options. The mainstays of camping can be customized per your preferences. Some like to rough it on the countryside whereas others enjoy bringing some comforts from home. There is not a specific right way or wrong way to camp. It is truly a personal choice. The only requirement is that you enjoy the natural surrounding while you are away.

If you are one to set up shop where you stop with nothing but a few essentials on your back, Primitive camping is for you. It is the survival of the fittest in an all-natural terrain. Sleeping under the stars will brighten your senses while clearing the mind. The quiet serenity is rejuvenating and not for the faint of heart. You cannot do a lot of preplanning when you are roaming the trails and country. This can lead to some lively experiences.

If you decide on a Primitive way for the weekend, remember to bring :

  • Water
  • A Pocket Knife
  • Warm Clothes
  • Matches/Lighter
  • Flashlight
  • Trail Foods
  • First Aid Items

Another style of camping is known as Glamping. The polar opposite of primitive, glamping has gained popularity through the years. The art of camping is mingled with the comforts from home that are missed the most. Recreational Vehicles and Campers are sometimes nicer than our houses! Glamping has amenities such as showers, kitchens and even electricity. It gives you the ability to take a walk with nature while enjoying a cozy evening indoors. Campground and sites have spaces available for you to park your “tent”.  You can still enjoy campfire smores under the stars before you call it a night. Glamping may be a modern favorite yet some are looking for a method that meets in the middle.

Tent camping is a happy medium for most. Tents offer a safe haven and shelter from inclement weather and things that bump, buzz or howl in the night. You can pitch a tent in designated area or find your own patch of land nearby your planned activities. However you approach your trip, Camping is an excellent opportunity to spend time with all that nature has to offer.


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