Amazing Camping Gadgets and Gear

Heimplanet Cave

The name may sound rustic, but the appearance of this futuristic tent is far from it, so much so in fact that you may have even seen it featured in the Netflix sci-fi reboot, Lost in Space. It’s an inflatable tent which means nobody will have a problem when it comes to pitching it up. Better still it can survive the elements, bosting a resistance of winds up to 112 mph. Carrying this is no problem, it weighs 4.8 kg and is completely pole free, so will fit in your bag with ease. In so many respects this really is the tent of the future.

Barebones Forest Lantern

If you’re looking for the tech of the future with all the style of the past then cast your eyes on the Barebones Forest Lantern. It has the appearance of a classic petrol style lamp however beneath that retro exterior sits a modern, dimmable LED light. On full beam the lantern will last up to three hours whereas it’ll last an incredible 80 when used on its lowest setting, perfect for a bedside night light. The Lantern also houses a Li-Ion battery meaning you can use it to charge up your phone too.

LifeStraw Universal

If you plan on spending plenty of time outdoors (which is kind of the point when camping) then you have to take supplies into account. Hefting around large amounts of water can really bog you down out there. The LifeStraw is the perfect companion for anyone in the wilderness, thanks to its incredible the stage water filtration system you can drink from the muddiest waters without a care. This thing instantly removes 99.999999% of bacteria as well as 99.999% of microplastics and parasites. If that wasn’t enough for every LifeStraw sold the company will also provide a child in a community in need a year’s worth of safe, drinkable water.

BioLite FirePit

Everyone loves a good campfire, but nothing ruins that like a good eyeful of thick smoke that leaves your baby blues streaming and stinging. Well the BioLite FirePit has solved this age-old issue, it uses an impressive 10,400 mAh Li-Ion powered fan in its fire pit so that you can keep those mesmerising embers lit for up to 24 hours long, completely free of the smog. Again, you can also use this to charge your phone, you’ll never be without battery. If that wasn’t enough it also has a handy Bluetooth feature that lets you adjust the size of your flames, neat!

Hydro Flask bottle

Finally, we have the Hydro Flask, an let me tell you this is no ordinary flask. This uses something called TempShield vacuum insulation which can keep your hot drinks piping hot for around 6 hours and keep your cold drinks icy cold for up to an impressive 24 hours. It’s made with an 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel which also protects against flavour transfer, so your chai latte won’t taste like hot Bovril. Even better you can even attach your LifeStraw to the top of the flask too.


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